Us (2019)

April 3, 2019

Fearter rating: 8/10

I think Us stands for 'Unexplained storyline'! 


Review (contains spoilers): 

Unusually for Fearter this review contains spoilers, because I can't talk about what I want to talk about without talking about the main talking points. Confused? You will be...


Before I get to my main ramblings, it's worth saying that this is a good film. It's well made, brilliantly acted (on the whole) and has a good balance of tension, gore and comedy. There are some exceptional sequences and cinematography and the main group of characters are likeable, relatable and relatively normal i.e. none of the usual horror stereotypes - I almost choked on the popcorn I didn't have (not paying for that!) when the husband actually believed or at least listened to his wife when she said something odd was going on. 


Hidden meanings and symbols of foreboding are the forte of this film and are what sets it apart from many other horror films. There's loads of them. To be honest I probably missed most of the subtler ones - but I've heard they're there so I'll probably pick up on them in future viewings. 


So it's a good film worth watching. Right - my questions/issues *SPOILER ALERT*


1) So we know that Adelaide (mid to late 20s - probably) is actually a person who was living underground and swapped herself with the girl on the surface - both being around aged 10 (guess). But neither of them know who set the underground world up. So who's been feeding them? How can she survive for 15 years down there? And that's just that generation. Adelaide's underground parents are also down there, so where did they come from? How have generations lived down there without knowing anything? Who's giving them clothes - and handcuffs of all things! 


2) The underground people act out what the above ground people are doing. But underground Adelaide seems to be able to not do that and go up the escalator to meet above ground Adelaide. So maybe it's just Adelaide that is special? No - later in the film the underground people are seen getting jumpsuits and scissors for the invasion (where from?) i.e. not acting out what's going on on the surface. Based on this we have to assume they're not always acting out what's going on on the surface - so why don't they all just go up the escalator to the surface? It's just at the end of a corridor, no security no barriers. Stop planning an invasion and just go up the escalator and get a terrible job like the rest of us!


3) Underground adult Adelaide has been down there since a child - but not born down there. So when she comes to the surface, why has she forgotten how to move normally? She moves like the Tin Man in The Wizard of Oz. The tunnels are quite big and wide - not enough to limit muscle movements over time. What's going on?


I'm sure there's more - like who's feeding the rabbits? Why didn't the underground version of the doctor operate on her, like he was on the surface, rather than her self operating? - but I've typed myself into an unhealthy rage. I might add to this list after future viewings, but if anyone has answers to these questions please let me know. 


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