Horror Hospital (1973)

January 6, 2019

Fearter rating 5.5/10

We need 50cc’s of quality - stat! However this film may be the inspiration for Storm Troopers. 


Review (no spoilers) 

The premise of the film is that there is a holiday retreat which, as the name of the film suggests, is a front for something much worse (although some hotels I've been to would give a horror hospital a run for its money). 


There’s a fair few things in this film which epitomise the ‘bawdy’ (read sexist and harassing) films of the 70s. So it’s fair to say that this is an awful film. 


But what I liked about this film are the mistakes and oddities. People’s hats disappearing and reappearing mid conversation, seeing the whole crew in the motorbike’s mirror, terrible acting, weird funk entrance music for a character... it’s all there for us to laugh at and enjoy. 

We also get to see Michael Gough (who played Alfred in the Tim Burton Batman films) as the villainous Dr Storm - the only half decent performance in this film.


I get the feeling that the first part of the film was done a smaller budget or by different people to the rest of the film as the beginning (particularly the scene in the bar) seems very ropey - but then it picks up... a bit - but not much. 


Ignoring all the awful things in this film, it’s at least coherent plot wise and I managed to watch it all in one sitting. Is it worth watching? No. Will you regret watching it? Possibly - but possibly not. It depends on how low your bar is and how bored you are. 


My (flimsy) fan theory

Dr Storm has a group of motorbike helmet wearing, leather armour clad henchmen or "troopers". These "troopers" ride around on motorbikes with ‘Storm’ written on them. So I’m starting a new fan theory that this film inspired Star War’s Storm Troopers (or at least their name)! 






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