The First Purge (2018)

July 15, 2018

Fearter rating: 7/10 

This film should have been called Die Hard With An Opinion.


Review (no spoilers): 

If subtlety is an art, the writers of this film must have been smoking behind the bike sheds during art class. Because "Pussy grabbing motherf**ker” is but one of the many somewhat unsubtle references to modern politics. 


Now, heaven knows I'm not here to talk politics, nor do I mind if people make films about such things - what I do find annoying is when films think I'm stupid. When they think everything has to be so big and obvious and pretty much spelled out to me. This film does exactly that, and it wears a little thin. 


On the plus side, this is the best sequel in the Purge franchise. It's well made, action packed, the story makes sense and the acting was alright! And, when I got over being patronised, I found the time to look for the stupid things they'd put in. 


My favourite part was in the background in an office scene. The main antagonist is in an office talking about how long it will take to go through and analyse all the data - and on a whiteboard in the background is a pie-chart split into random percentages. Written down here it doesn't seem that funny, but look out for it - it's a hoot.


Apart from the political baseball bat they beat you around the head with, my main issue with the film is the premise. A social scientist (of sorts) comes up with the idea of the purge and then seems flabbergasted when it all goes wrong! I mean who'd have thought a night of lawful murder would end badly?! 


The film moves from political punch-bagging to all out action as the male hero of the film dons a white vest and scampers around a skyscraper shooting baddies and jumping from explosions. Die Hard it ain't. 


All in all, it is what it is. A prequel to a franchise which had something to say once - but now we get it and to be honest it doesn't seem like there's anything we can do about it. The world is a stage and we are but cinema goers. 

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