The Strangers: Prey at Night (2018)

June 23, 2018

Fearter rating: 7.5/10

Those kids in America are at it again - only this time it’s to an 80’s soundtrack. 


Review (no spoilers)

It’s a sequel to The Strangers - so if you’ve seen that, then you’ll know what you’re getting. 


Unlike in the original, the gradual build up of terror is done away with entirely and you’re just thrown in at the deep end from the get go. But in this case, that’s no bad thing, as we all know what to expect - so they just got in with it. And as a man with a limited attention span, it's music to my eyes. 


The film is well made and there are some "cool" looking shots. I use the quotation marks because I know that I'm not cool, and I don't even know if that's a word that's used any more - so does that make it cool again? Who knows? But some of the cinematography is very cool and stylish - which came as a bit of a surprise to me as the original didn't have this element.  


My only slight qualm with this is that the stylish bits and the soundtrack were all very 80's inspired. As far as I'm aware, this film has nothing to do with the 80's - it's set now, the original wasn't in the 80's - but obviously the Director or someone involved bloody loves the 80's and wanted to show it. What they did looks and sounds really good, and I'm sure with multiple views they will become the bits you like the most, but at the time (watching in an empty cinema) it seemed odd. I was confused. 


Obviously the scary parts of this film aren't as scary as the original as you know what to expect (if you've seen the first one). But they still pack a punch and made me jump on more than a few occasions. What was done particularly well in this film was the insight into the callousness of the antagonists - particularly the male character who seemed to revel in his antics in a quiet, calculated and thoughtful way. Very disturbing. 


All in all it's worth a watch, particularly if you've seen the original. Not because it adds to it, but because it's a bit like a roller-coaster ride of The Strangers film at Universal Studios*. It's fast out of the blocks, ups and downs, entertaining and a bit of a thrill. If you haven't seen the original Strangers, watch that first - as this sequel could take the sting out of it. Unless of course you just love the 80's, in which case put some mousse in your mullet and whack this in the VCR. 


*If there isn't already, there should be a ride/haunted house of The Strangers at a theme park somewhere! Make it happen Hollywood people - but build it in the UK so I can go. Thanks! 

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