Final Exam (1981)

May 28, 2018

Fearter rating: 5/10 

Proof that copying from others doesn't help you get results. 


Review (no spoilers):

I knew what I was getting. The signs were all there:

  • Event based name 

  • Based on a college campus

  • Picture of someone wielding a weapon on the poster

  • Made in the 80’s


It's a slasher! But what I wasn’t expecting was the mind numbing chit chat for such along time. I can withstand a fair amount, as these 80’s slashers seem to have it as a rule, but this was borderline torture for 45 minutes! Going on and on about nothing - who's in the fraternity, who likes who, what flaming score they need to pass the test! Nobody cares! Just get on with it! And there's only one mention of the murderer! 


Speaking of the slasher, what were they thinking? He looks like your local bin-man with a Beatles wig on. Absolutely ridiculous and in no way threatening or scary. Just a bloke, who for seemingly no reason is just killing people. Obviously, murderers don't need a reason, but I think in a film it helps for them to have a back story of some sort, without reason it could be anything doing anything - it might as well be the flu knocking people off one by one (in this case that would have been scarier). 


Numerous scenes in the film were almost a carbon copy of Halloween - bloke in work gear  stalking young adults, behind a hedge, or when one looks out from a window to see the antagnosit, only to double take and they're not there. Only difference being is that rather than a menacing figure in a mask, we have Ringo from CollectaBin. 


Anyway, after what seemed like an age, when the murders did happen they were dull. Nothing to make you scared or squirm - just blase, run of the mill "let's get this over with so I can listen to Yellow Submarine on my way home" type murders. There was one which involved gym equipment of some sort but that was about as interesting as it got.  


In fairness the acting is good in places, most notably from the character "Radish", and it's well made - it didn't feel like a homemade movie. But to be honest, that's all the good things I have to say about it.


All in all it's not worth watching unless you're bored and want to listen to other people's inane conversations. There's nothing new in this at all - it's essentially a poor imitation of better movies - a slasher film made on the 80's horror conveyor belt. But we love them all really. 



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