The Innkeepers (2011)

February 19, 2018

Fearter rating: 7/10

I have reservations about recommending this film. Like the decor in a Travelodge, it's lacklustre and forgettable.


Review (no spoilers)

Two employees are left to run an inn during it's final few days of business. The inn is rumoured to be haunted -  and our two employees do nightly ghost hunts to discover the truth. 


I'll start with the positives. For reasons unknown I quite liked the two main characters. They were believable, funny and weren't stereotypical horror characters e.g. the jock, the stoner etc. There were some comical elements thrown as well as some jump scares. Admittedly most were fake scares but jump I did - as I do at everything. The film is well made and doesn't go too ridiculous. 


The basis of the plot is straightforward. What I didn't understand was the peripheries. Without giving too much away, I didn't understand why the main male actor was doing his investigations, I didn't understand the point of the female guest (particularly at the end) and the backstory of the ghost wasn't developed very well. So what you end up with is this strange mix of comedy, mild horror and characters which don't really add anything. 


The actual horror parts of this film, with the exception of the fake jump scares, are pretty tame and more like something you'd find in a TV horror. There's one part involving the elderly male character which was a little more disturbing than the others but not nightmare inducing. 


The ending is nothing. There's no other word for it. There's no emotion, no drama - it's like the writers were 5 minutes from lunch so they just cobbled the ending together with vacuous words and hotfooted it down to Nando's. If that was indeed the case I can't blame them - I love Nando's as much as everyone else - but I doubt it was. 


All in all it's a mixed bag - perhaps if it was a bit shorter and the ending was better I'd be less hostile to it. Why is this a 7/10? Perhaps I'm in a good mood - and the two main characters are entertaining through most of them film. You may think my love of puns is forcing me to say this, however I would have reservations about recommending this hotel based movie. But if you're bored and you want to watch it - do so. There's a lot worse things you could be watching. 

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