Friday The 13th - Part 3 (1982)

January 15, 2018

Fearter rating: 6/10

A 3D movie with 2D characters and a 1D plot. 


Review (contains spoilers - but it's a Friday The 13th sequel so you can guess what happens anyway). 

A long time ago (before 2010 when 3D had become all the rage) 3D was all the rage! People were

amazed at how the same old objects, such as long poles and juggling balls, appeared to come out of the screen in every 3D film. And Friday the 13th part 3 is no different. 


Crow-barring every 3D element it can into the movie, the plot is often sidelined - for example there are dead rabbits in a hutch... Was it Jason?... No, it was a snake - why? So it can jump out of the screen. Two of the camp counselors start juggling... To show the strength of their friendship and delve deeper into their characters? No, so the balls can jump out of the screen. This goes on throughout the film, eyeballs, baseball bats - you name it, it's coming out of the screen. Well, at least it would have at the cinema, because what makes this worse is that this film is currently only available in 2D on streaming services! So all these scenes now have no point whatsoever!


It makes for a good drinking game though. 


Apart from the 3D oddities, there are a few other shonky bits to this film. At one point I asked my wife "why has that man quite clearly got rectangular padding under his t-shirt?" The answer came a few seconds later when a cleaver was introduced to his torso. 


The plot is what you'd expect, and the characters range from disposable to irritating - with the two stoners (who do literally nothing apart from smoke and die) and Shelly being perfect examples of these two profiles. 


Despite all this though, the film does have a few good bits. It's the first film where Jason has the hockey mask, the gruesome dismembered body scene is notable and the scene where Jason has his hand over the counselors mouth is unexpectedly impactful. The final chase is good too and just about redeems the movie from being a total joke. 


The end doesn't make a lot of sense: why is she just lying in the boat? Was that last scare just a dream? Why have the police just left Jason on the ground? But by this point you won't care, just go with it.


All in all this movie has so many problems with it that you just have to take it for what it is - a bit of fun. It's a good one to watch with friends and to make drinking games out of. 

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