Paranormal Activity (2007)

December 29, 2017

Fearter rating 8/10 

Screaming, door slamming and hair pulling - no it's not Eastenders, but a great found footage horror.


Review (no spoilers) 

Once again the title summarises what this movie is about. But what sets this film apart is that the horror comes from the subtleties - for example a door moving slightly. It may not sound like horror (unless you experience it yourself) but these little things are what make this movie so good. 


The film builds a fantastic routine which gives a powerful sense of dread. It's also not afraid to make the viewer wait, and wait and wait a little more until the tension is so high the slightest scare is magnified. This has such an impact that this movie made people cry from fear at the cinema. (I actually witnessed this first hand. People were crying and leaving the film because it was too scary for them!)


The best thing about this movie is that the relatively low budget for the film works in its favour, as the effects reflect what we all imagine a haunting to actually be like. So after watching it, you're on edge and thinking about your house and what might be in there with you!  


The acting is good on the whole, although the characters are annoying at times. Once again the attempt to make the audience know and like the characters falls a little flat. Can't a character just be normal? Why is one always as stubborn as a mule and seemingly fueled by e-numbers? In this case I'm talking about the male lead. 


But what lets this movie down for me is the flour scene, which removed all threat from the film and made it laughable - to me (as I mentioned before, others were losing their minds in the cinema). The results of the flour experiment led me to think that the paranormal entity might just be an escaped experiment from a well known Fried Chicken company. I'd love to ask the Director why they chose that footprint? It's ridiculous. 


All in all this movie is definitely worth watching. It has some great ideas which are well executed.

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