Within (2016)

December 18, 2017

Fearter rating: 6/10 

'Within' is a pathetic attempt to demonise those in need. A movie we can all live 'without'. 


Review (no spoilers) 

The story begins with the old "you sold the murder house?!" introduction i.e. a family move into a house where there was a murder a few years ago. The main cast are just about passable as a family unit but they look more like people who have bumped into each other at a bowling alley. 


Anyway, after a while, lo and behold there are strange events in the house - which seem worse than they are due to the sleazy neighbour's intrusiveness, crude ways and greasy mullet. 


The movie is well made, the plot makes sense and the acting isn't atrocious. It's not the type of movie which has the look and feel of a homemade project - it looks half decent, it's proper.  


However, one of the main things that makes this movie only a 6/10 is the antagonist. Seemingly having the flexibility of a ferret, the strength of a silverback gorilla and the silent movements of a gheko, the antagonist is unbelievable to the point of ridicule. You'd either have to be hard of hearing, visually impaired or detached from reality not to notice and immediately know what's going on in the house. Oh and you'd also have to have no nose.  


On top of this, the whole film attempts to demonise the destitute. A quite frankly appalling attitude and a pathetic attempt of fear mongering against those in need. I could go on and on about how it's governments that are to blame and not those on the receiving end of their heartless cuts - but you get the idea. 


All in all this film isn't a bad movie in itself, but it doesn't really amount to anything of note and the sentiment behind it is pathetic. Only worth watching if you're incredibly bored - actually don't watch it, so the people behind it don't get any more money for their attempt to divide society.   

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