The VVitch (2015)

November 30, 2017

Fearter rating 8/10

A bleak, harsh, intriguing story that's full of horror based folklore. 


Review (no spoilers) 

Once again the title gives a clear indication of what this film is about. But what it doesn't tell you is how brilliantly this movie is shot and how it depicts the harsh realities of medieval life. 


The movie brings an air of menace and shows intriguing horror based folklore, expertly played out to add depth to what could be a quite simple film. It has horror elements in it but it's more threatening and atmospheric than scary. 


I like this film because it shows interesting and dark aspects from a more spiritual/mystical time in history - plus the story is unusual. The acting is good and the children do a great job of adding to the suspense and fear whilst also adding a small amount of humour at the right times. 


Where this film went wrong is that it was over hyped. Before watching it I was led to believe that this was a game changer and genuinely terrifying. It isn't, but it's not a bad film. If this was a film that I just happened to stumble across (and I didn't recognise Chris Finch from The Office in it), I would think it was an unknown work of genius and that I was a genius for finding it. Giving me a sense of smug satisfaction. However, it was heralded from the rooftops which unfortunately makes you expect more than it delivers - through no fault of its own. 


It is perhaps a little too bleak in places - but on the whole it's worth worth watching* as it's quite different to the majority of the horror films, particularly those released in recent years. 


* if you ignore the hype and have the right perspective.   

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