An American Werewolf in London (1981)

November 26, 2017

Fearter rating: 7.5/10

A half decent werewolf film - I know, I couldn't believe it either!  


Review (no spoilers) 

I think it's safe to say, without breaking the 'no spoiler' promise, that this movie is about werewolves. And, I'm happy to say, that it is the best werewolf film I have seen. Unfortunately that isn't saying much, as the others have been garbage. 


AAWIL (the catchy acronym I will now use for this movie) is a comedy horror and it does a respectable job of balancing the two genres - using gore filled scenes, Michael Jackson's Thriller-esque make up and some humorous lines. This movie also does a good job of showing the transition from man to werewolf, particularly for the time it was made. The less CGI'd effects work in it's favour as they make the famous and harrowing transition scene more realistic and tangible. 


The plot makes sense and although there are some funny ridiculous scenes, they fit within the framework of the movie and I didn't think it went too far at any point. The acting is good on the whole, and the main characters are well developed and believable. It is a well made film which seems to have withstood the test of time. 


My main issue was that it was like wading through treacle in places. The story seemed to slow down around the middle of the film and it became rather laborious to watch. Also the scenes in the 'northern' village weren't great and the whole "this town has a secret" thing has been done to death. I'm aware that this may not have been the case in 1981.


AAWIL is worth a watch if you want to see a decent werewolf movie, or a lighthearted horror. It's a little slow but it's entertaining, a bit gory and a little funny in places. I'm glad I've seen it as it is a classic and makes me think that perhaps werewolf movies aren't always awful.


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