The Shining (1980)

November 10, 2017

Fearter rating: 7.5/10

Iconic scenes and memorable quotes - but it's not actually that good. 


Review (contains a spoiler section)

This iconic horror movie is loved the world over and many of it's scenes and quotes have transcended into popular culture. It's very well made and very memorable, particularly from a visual perspective. The imagery from the film stays with you long after it has finished, and possibly for forever and ever and ever... If you haven't seen this movie then I recommend you do, mainly so you can understand and join in all the references to it. 


It's not particularly scary and the music (or constant screeching) is very annoying throughout the film. 


Spoilers from here:

For me, some of the characters are highly irritating including Jack. If we're being honest, his character is a horrible, annoying **** before he gets to the hotel, so the chances of him going on a murderous spree without any supernatural help is quite high anyway. 


Wendy is also quite annoying. Her rhythm of speech is child like and she holds the most inane conversations! Also, who asks rhetorical questions on a radio? She says "This storm is really something isn't it? - Over". What a pointless question to ask, as the person on the other end of the radio has to reply - "Yes.... Over". Also, Wendy seems to have pipe cleaners for arms which have a mind of their own, often swirling around with no control as she runs through the hotel, making the terror laughable. 


The ending is the thing that really lets this movie down. It either doesn't make any sense or is really weak. The butler says that Jack has always been the caretaker and at the end, Jack is in the staff photo. So, the theory is that Jack is a re-incarnation of the caretaker and has been drawn back to the hotel. However in my mind there's a difference between a reincarnation and an exact replicate of the original (as they are the same person). And if Jack is a reincarnation, then he hasn't always been the caretaker because Jack has just arrived at the hotel - aged 35(ish). So for 35 years he hasn't been the caretaker. In fact, he's a writer which is why he's there in the first place! 


What would have been a better ending is if the hotel collected the souls of those who have killed/died there to add to its supernatural staff. So after Jack dies, he becomes part of the hotel's staff. But this isn't the case because he's always been the caretaker. 


Anyway, I've watched this movie numerous times because I always think I've missed something - due to the hype and love this movie has. But everytime I watch it, it just reconfirms that I'm not missing something and that this film just isn't as good as the hype. 



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