Shutter (2008)

October 31, 2017

Fearter rating: 5/10

Bland pulp, spewed from the hatch of some production company.


Review (no spoilers)

There's a famous saying: "The camel is the horse designed by committee". And that's the feeling I got with this movie. A good idea lies behind it - ghosts appearing in photographs - but after that it's just mass produced, recipe following, bandwagon jumping, "celebrity" selling mush. 


Back in the day when Japanese horror movies were making a splash, this film tries to hang onto the tailcoats of their success by being based in Japan (but with a nearly all American cast). Which is fine, but being in Japan doesn't add anything to the story - it could be set anywhere, but I think they chose Japan because it was fashionable. 


As the title suggests, the movie involves people using cameras. And don't they ever! I don't know any professional photographers, but I imagine they don't spend their time photographing every minute detail of their own lives e.g. using a timer to capture a photo every two seconds of them lying on the floor! We know the character likes photography but the level of cameraphilia in this film is just weird. 


My other problem with this film is the reason why people have done what they did. It comes completely out of nowhere and doesn't fit with the characters' behaviours and seems to have been crowbarred in. 


It's got 5/10 because it's well made and makes sense. An opportunity missed here. 

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