Don't Blink (2015)

October 19, 2017

Fearter rating: 3/10

The title suggests you might miss something - don't worry, you won't.


Review (contains plot details - no spoilers):

The set-up is the old 'group of friends go to a secluded cabin for a holiday'. The difference here is that rather than something coming to get the group e.g. a ghost, serial killer etc, the characters just disappear. Not in a disturbing or scary way, just in a "Oh, he/she's gone" way.


This idea of someone just not being there when you turn around is where it all goes wrong. A ghost or serial killer being somewhere, then suddenly not being there can be scary. The 'heroes' or 'survivors' being somewhere and then not being there, isn't scary because they're not a threat. The question "where are they?" is more out of curiosity not fear. 


One particular scene springs to mind - two people are by a refrigerator. One of them opens the fridge door, obscuring our view to the second person. the fridge door is closed and the second person has gone... That's it. No screams, no blood, no threat - just no longer on in the movie. A part of me wished that I would disappear so I didn't have to continue watching it.


In fairness to the movie it picks up a bit towards the end, but by that time I was too annoyed to think any better of it. 


Overall, it's probably not worth watching - unless you love seeing people not being somewhere.

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