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Trapped In A Room With A Zombie - London

Fearter rating - 8.5/10

Superb acting, a unique premise and a well designed game make this a great escape room experience.


Don't worry I won't give any of the answers to the puzzles away - because I don't do spoilers and I didn't get any of the answers. Once again, we didn't escape within the time limit. I'd like to blame my friends in the photo, but my pattern of losses indicate that I'm the cause.

The theme of the game is that there was a doctor who was experimenting with something and accidentally turned himself into a zombie. But what's unusual about this escape room is that the zombie is in there with you! Chained to the wall, the zombie (who was brilliantly acted for the whole hour) is off putting at first - but then turns into a fantastic nuisance as every 5 minutes its chain gets longer. So very quickly the zombie is running around the room as you're trying to solve the clues - and you only have an hour to get out!

If the zombie grabs you you have to go into a sin-bin for 5 minutes - a proper punishment as it hinders the group so you have to have your wits about you and be quick. I, somewhat obviously got sent to the sin-bin.

When we were in the room, the puzzles seemed quite hard. But they seemed straight forward afterwards - hindsight eh? They were a mix of number based puzzles, codes, finding things and a couple of physical/dextrous challenges which made for a good variety.

The staff were great, it's very well run and the props were very good - which always helps get you involved in the story. My only criticism, was that - aside from the rampaging zombie - there were no surprises or scares. We accidentally turned the lights off at one point and I thought it was part of the game which would have been brilliant - but it was just knocked by one of us running away from the zombie.

We all had a great time and thought it was good fun. We were quite a big group, 7 in all, but we were all involved in the puzzles and there was more than enough to keep us entertained (and frustrated) for the full hour. If you're in London and fancy doing a horror themed escape room with a difference, this is the one to do.

We paid £30 each for the experience - which we did on a Saturday.



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