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The York Dungeon

Fearter rating: 9/10

A must visit attraction if you're in York.

Review (no spoilers)

Everything about the York Dungeon is perfectly themed, from the signs telling us 'peasants' which queue to join, to the till operator wishing us a "horrible time".

The sets and atmosphere in the dungeon is fantastic. Everything is considered, even the corridors which link the different aspects of the dungeon are decorated brilliantly. The dungeon takes you on a journey through time in the city of York, from Viking invaders through to the era of Dick Turpin and highwaymen. Each part of the dungeon has its own actor who does a fantastic job of retelling their grisly part of history (with a few ghost stories thrown in for good measure).

The actors are incredible and bring a mix of humour, expert storytelling and characterisation. Not only that, but they're scary too, making me jump more times than I'd like to disclose. They involved the audience at every opportunity and there were only a few members of our large group who weren't called up for punishment!

The use of lighting is very well done and adds not only to the atmosphere but also to the storytelling - making the dramatisations even scarier. On top of this, the more physical based scares are great too with the majority of our group screaming at some points. I didn't scream of course...

Why isn't it a 10/10 - well it nearly was, but I felt the Dick Turpin part of the dungeon just lacked a little punch after the actor had left - yet another testament to how good the staff are there. Plus it took quite a long time to get in as they take group photos before it starts (which delays things a little).

All in all this is a fantastic attraction and really good value for money (particularly if you have the 2-4-1 vouchers as we did, or book online). A definite must visit attraction if you're in York.

An adult ticket is £16.95 (so only around £8.50 if you have a voucher) or if you book online it's £10.



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