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The Woman in Black (at Fortune Theatre)

Fearter rating: 10/10

The best and scariest play I have seen - my wife's now crumpled fingers can vouch for that.

Review (no spoilers)

The Fortune Theatre in London is the perfect venue for this play. It's quite small, old and has that slightly haunted feel to it with shadowy nooks and crannies everywhere.

Before it began I took my seat - on the second row no less! I'm not complaining that I was too close for the sake of the view (which was fine), I was worried for my nervous system! I had the feeling I was going to be in for a tense few hours.

The play itself is quite simply brilliant and it has changed my mind on what is needed for a good play. Before seeing this, I thought plays needed elaborate staging and props. But The Woman in Black stripped that back and the actors brought the story to life. Where staging and lighting was used, it was done so brilliantly. It was perfectly suited to the story and added to the horror in the most absorbing way.

The main reason why this play is so enthralling, is because of the acting. The antagonist was terrifying and ethereally graceful whilst the two actors telling the story were able to change character in a heartbeat - without any costume changes, or props necessary, each character was instantly recognisable. They drew everyone into this candle lit nightmare and we were with them every step of the way. So much so, that the swathes of children in the audience (who were on a field trip) didn't make a sound - apart from their screams of horror at the appropriate times!

Although I didn't scream (instead opting to jump and utter profanities under my breath), this play had my nerves in its hands and toyed with them at its will. I jumped and jolted - whilst maintaining a firm grasp of my wife's hand throughout... to comfort her, of course.

This really is the best play I have seen, horror or otherwise. An absolute must see.

Tickets vary in price: http://thewomaninblack.com/


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