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The Rocky Horror Picture Show - Screening and Live Show, Aberdeen, NJ

By Greg DiLella (Twitter:@neverquitcigs)

Fearter rating: 10/10 Experience. If there is one word to describe The Rocky Horror Picture Show, that would be the word.


Spoiler alert, The Rocky Horror Picture Show is a musical. It is good but the actual best part is seeing it live, in this case at Strathmore Art Cinema in New Jersey. The atmosphere of the live show is energizing. The movie is shown and acted out at the same time. The major advantage of seeing a live show is the audience participation. I can honestly say that I have seen it almost 300 times in a theatre and it keeps getting better every time I see it.

Quick plot summary for those that have never seen it: The narrator or Criminologist proceeds to tell a story about a young, recently engaged couple, Brad and Janet, after leaving a wedding of their close friends, get lost. They stumble across a castle. They just need to use the phone because their car broke down.

They are greeted at the door by the house handyman Riff and the maid Magenta. Brad and Janet are led into a ballroom where a bunch of Transylvanians get ready to sing “Time Warp.” During the song we, the audience, are introduced to Columbia, a groupie. The song ends and we meet Dr. Frank-N-Furter. This is his castle and he creates Rocky Horror.

More singing and dancing ensues and then we meet Eddie, ex-delivery boy and ex-lover to Frank, but current lover to Columbia. After another song and dance, Frank kills Eddie. Hijinks and slutty behavior ensue. We finally meet Dr. Scott, a rival scientist to Frank. Turns out Frank, Magenta, and Riff are aliens.

Now back to my original point, the first time one goes and sees this film, they may be shocked as to what in the bloody hell is going on. Best thing to do is find someone who has been there and sit near them. Every showing is slightly different but generally the same. I will leave you with one final question. If you are easily offended, what the f*** are you doing here?


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