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London Bridge Experience (and Tombs)

Fearter rating: 7.5/10

An entertaining mix of history, horror and theatre - but with a dash of missed opportunity.

Review (no spoilers)

Despite what you may think, it turns out that not many people go to dungeons and horror mazes on a Wednesday afternoon in November. However, my wife and I did and we had a great time - receiving the same level of experience as if we were there at a busier time.

The London Bridge Experience is comparable to York Dungeon, London Dungeon etc in the sense that it's actors telling stories and you moving from set to set chronologically through time. However I found that the horror element of the experience was much less than the dungeons and the experience less immersive.

The actors which took us on a journey through the history of London Bridge were great and added an appreciated dose of humour to the stories. The sets and atmosphere were very immersive and added to the feeling of unease and suspense. Unfortunately, the sets aren't used to their full potential - there were a few instances where we seemed just to walk passed some fantastic scenes but nothing became of them. I was expecting us to stop and hear a story, or for something to happen but it didn't, we just walked passed and that was it. In another part, we were in a very intimidating environment and heard the history of it, but then nothing happened. It seemed odd. Also, I wasn't as scared as I wanted to be, in fact the longer we were in there, the less scared I became.

However, the London Bridge Experience also has the Tombs. A subterranean horror maze. which you can enter at the end of the London Bridge Experience tour. Apparently it has been crowned 'the UK's scariest attraction' - for me it is certainly up there with the best of them and has the most professional sets and props.

There were a good few times where I jumped and had to dig deep to find the courage to breach the next section of the maze; and if there were a video of my experience it would be a good argument to prove that it is the scariest attraction in the UK. The 'monsters' in the maze look fantastic and act in the most brilliant ways. I still have images burned into my memory from the long dark corridors I traversed. Perhaps if there were a few more 'monsters' in the dark it would have been better - but I'm happy to put this down to it being a very quiet time of the day/week.

With this attraction being essentially two in one, I would rate the experience part of it a 7/10 and the tombs an 8.5/10. An adult ticket off the website is £19.95 and that gets you into both parts. We paid more at the door on the day, but luckily we had a 2-4-1 voucher, otherwise I think it would be overpriced.


All in all it's a mixed bag, but the Tombs is good fun and it's worth doing - but maybe only if you get a deal for a cheaper ticket.

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