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Hell in a Cell, Bristol

Updated: Oct 14, 2017

Fearter rating: 8/10

Nothing brings a group together like being imprisoned

Review (no spoilers):

Adventures come in all shapes and sizes. This one comes in the shape of an abandoned jail in the centre of Bristol (UK). This escape room really is like being in a horror


The "set" is as authentic as it gets - it is the old jail underneath the courts in Bristol - and the atmosphere is tense, in a fun way. The puzzles are more fun than hard and they are a great mix of mental games and more physical tasks. This escape room is aimed at groups, so depending on your party size and their booking for the day, you may get put with another group. This however did not detract from the experience as collective anxiety is more fun.

Why this isn't a 10/10? For me, it felt like we were guided through the process a bit too much (and that's coming from someone who generally needs all the help they can get!). Also, as always, it could have been scarier. With the location they have they could blow people's minds in there very easily.

Tip: Heed 'Hell in a Cell's' advice, warnings and guidance on website.

Overall, a great horror adventure and a memory maker. Definitely worth doing if you're in Bristol and fancy a sphincter management exercise.

Price: From £30.00 per person. Fearter says it's worth it!



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