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Ghost Bus Tour, York

Fearter rating 8/10

A characterful and humorous bus tour which shows you the darker side of York's history.

Review (no spoilers)

Watching the 'Ghost Bus' pull up at the station, I found myself amazed at the vehicle itself. The bus is fantastically decorated in a spooky style - it looked like the Addams family had started a Park and Ride service in York. Being on the bus was great fun; as we sat next to our lamps I felt part Poirot part lost soul on a commute to the underworld.

The tour itself focused more on humour than scaring you, with our brilliantly played disgruntled, apathetic bus conductor showing us the sights. The bus takes you around York where you can see many of the famous sights, each with their own grisly history of death and haunting. There was one stop on the tour where we got off the bus to hear a story of executions in the city.

The ghost stories are interesting and the sub plots to the tour add both variety, a little bit of fear and good humour. It was a brilliant way to spend an hour seeing York (particularly on a cold November night!).

Why isn't it a 10/10? For me, it could be a lot scarier. With it being a bus tour, the sights are driven passed so quickly that often there isn't time to tell a proper ghost stories. Also, for the majority of the tour I found myself watching the on-board TV screen which the conductor uses to communicate to the passengers. I felt this then took the human touch out of the tour, after all the best way to hear stories is face to face. Perhaps a couple more stops and chances to get off the bus to hear a story, get scared would make this an even better experience.

Overall though, the tour was good fun - and everyone in my party of 12 had a great time.

An individual adult ticket is £15



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