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Field of Horrors, New York

By Aaron Iara of EffectiveNerd.com

Fearter rating: 8/10

If you live in the Upstate New York area, Field of Horrors is a must-see for the Halloween season.


Halloween is here! This means it is time for scary costumes, creepy crafts, and candy. There are also an endless amount of horror attractions and events to attend. Though I like it hit up a few during the Halloween season, this year I only went to one event in my area.

Field of Horrors is a Halloween attraction in Troy, New York, United States. The event contains a variety of haunted houses, a haunted hayride, food vendors, and more. I have been going to Field of Horrors for a few years. It is one of my favorite things to do during the Halloween season.


Field of Horrors runs every weekend in October. They typically open around six in the evening and closes at eleven. It is extremely important to get there early. It can be hard to see every haunted house on a busy night.

General admission (for 2018) is $27. However, the rate does go down with group reservations. There is also a sneak peek weekend in September that only costs $17. They also offer a military discount.

There is a lot of free parking at the event. This is a great feature of Field of Horrors. There is nothing worse than going to a festival and having to shell out twenty dollars for a spot or having to parallel park between a large truck and a row of motorcycles. Field of Horrors is easy to find and even easier to get settled.

It is recommended that children are over the age of ten before experiencing the thrills. However, Field of Horrors takes an open stance on this. They understand that parents know what their children can handle. They do not turn away small children.

When you enter Field of Horrors you are given a punch card. It is stamped every time you go into a house. A fully filled out card is a great memento for any horror-enthusiast.

General Atmosphere

Field of Horrors is, well…a field. The haunt houses are set up in a semi-circle around the edge of the area. The rest of the perimeter is filled with food vendors and entertainers. It is hard to be bored at Field of Horrors. You are literally surrounded by fun things to do.

There are a variety of scary actors roaming around the field. They will sneak up on you and scream at you. Some will even tease and provoke you. Even though you are in a wide-open field it is hard to feel safe. The actors are very skilled at finding turned backs and frightened entrants. If you do not have eyes in the back of your head, you are in for a scare.

Outside of the scary stuff, Field or Horrors is a great place for a fall night. There is a giant bonfire. Hot food is available. Though there is typical carnival food, a few of the vendors are for local companies and organizations. I like knowing that my snack money is going toward a good cause.

Though they are scary, the staff are very friendly and helpful. A few years ago, a friend of mine dropped their phone in the dark field. Staff were very helpful in keeping an eye out for her. Actors do not touch the customers and are quick to call out anyone violating their rules. Though this is a horrific environment, it is obvious that the creators have a dedication to safety.


Toxic Terror

Radiation can have profound effects on living creatures. Toxic Terror delves into body horror with humans and animals that have been mutated by radioactive waste. This haunted house features a series of tunnels which contain many deformed monsters looking to keep you in their dangerous environment.

Return of the Mummy’s Curse

Those who press their luck in the lost temple will come face to face with the high-priestess Neferanubis. This Egyptian-themed haunted house is nothing to laugh at. It is easy to tell that this landscape has been cursed. there are enough mummies and monsters roaming to scare even the bravest of expeditions.

The amazing part of Return of the Mummy’s Curse is the flashlight. Before you go in, a flashlight is handcuffed to your wrist. The temple is very dark and hard to navigate without a reliable torch by your side. Sadly, the light is not reliable. The flashlight is interactive and will malfunction during the scariest parts of the experience. You never know when you will be left in the dark.


This is my favorite part of Field of Horror. It may also be the best haunted house I have ever been to. I love horror, but most things do not scare me. During haunted houses I often find myself laughing instead of screaming. It is all in good fun and I love the costumes and acting. That said, Insanity offers an experience which is different from most haunted houses.

Insanity is a maze of chain-link fencing. On the other side of the fence are hysteric patients looking to taunt you and your friends. The attraction contains enough loud music, fog, and strobe lights to scramble the brain of any participant. It is like going to a rave turned up to eleven. It is very difficult to navigate the maze while feeling nauseous from sensory overload. You may just feel like you are going insane yourself.

Death Trap

The house covered in skulls and moss may seem a bit campy at first. What is on the inside is quite the opposite. This haunted house involves a weaving underground tunnel filled with dark creatures, snakes, and more. You never know what is around the next corner, hiding in the walls, or hanging from the ceiling.

Trail of Terror Hayride

No Halloween attraction is complete without a haunted hayride! This is one of my favorite hayrides in my area. There are a lot of scares scattered over a multitude of different environments. These locations include an industrial post apocalypse town and a haunted farm.

What I really like about this hayride is how the seating is set up. Many hayrides will have you sit on the edge of the truck facing outward. Field of Horrors takes a different approach. Everyone sits facing inward and there is an aisle up the middle of the truck.

The actors run up the aisle and jump on and off the tractor. They will yell at, make fun of, and belittle you. This adds a personal experience to the hayride. I loved having a deranged farmer call me a “tough guy” because I have a large beard.

Other Attractions

As stated previously, there are a lot of food vendors at the attraction and there is a large bonfire. There are actors running around scaring people. There is also a tent that contains show artists, such as fire breathers and blockheads. Taking in a show is a great break between the haunted houses. For an additional fee, event-goers can also partake in a horror-themed paintball range.

Have A Spooky Time!

If you live in the Upstate New York area, Field of Horrors is a must-see for the Halloween season. It is both scary and entertaining. The event gives you a lot of bang for your buck. $27 (as of 2018) is a small price to pay for a full night packed with activities. Energetic customers can try to hit every attraction during their time in field. Those with a slower pace can still have a great time soaking in the environment and food.

For more information on Field of Horrors, please head over to their official website.



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