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FearFest-Evil, Chepstow

Fearter rating: 8/10

Inside, outside, crawling, jumping - it's a full on experience at FearFest-Evil.


A lot of thought has gone into FearFest-Evil, and as a horror fan I loved the little touches. From the beginning they impressed me with their bar and food options. 'Witches Blood' cocktail and a 'rat burger' (beef shaped like a rat with a sausage tail, carrot whiskers and jalapeño eyes) were my choice - I like to think I'd do something like that if I ran an event.

It was a cold night as we waited to get in, but even the queue was entertaining which almost took my mind off the icy air. A lucky few people from each cohort of visitors got a lift to the start in a hearse - obviously I had to walk. But I'm glad I did, as the long walk to the start was interrupted by a man asking for directions... he then let out a scream as his head dropped to his stomach! He was one of the actors with an amazing costume, who had me fooled (I'll blame the cold rather than my naivety).

The attraction itself was nothing like any I'd been to before. Although there were 3 horror mazes, they were all linked by terrifying walks - no rests, no breaks, no reminiscing over a pizza - just continuous frights for an hour and half!

The sets and props were brilliant. From graveyards to circuses the designs brought you into their world - but what made it even better was the linking sections. The land that FearFest-Evil is on contains an abandoned railway line running through a forest. The organisers had gone to a lot of effort to make these equally as scary as the mazes. hanging dolls from trees, blind corners, monsters jumping out at you, chainsaw wielding maniacs chasing you and creepy demons stalking you. It was great fun. Throw in a couple of couple dark mazes, crawling through dark tunnels with weird creatures in them and you've got an all out fully engrossing experience.

The actors on the whole were good, with particular mentions to the 2 main ones (one of them pictured here) who were at the beginning and in the bar area and to the clown in the tent who properly made me jump! They were very professional and knew the boundaries. The same can't be said for a couple of the others and one even dropped character just to have a pop at my height. It might be because I'm 6 foot 6, but the actors in these things don't scare me. But I play along and enjoy it - so there was no need for that. But on the whole they were ok.

So all in all it was worth going to, and for £25 I got a good hour and a half of scares, plus time at a great bar and some live music. It's an 8/10 because I would have appreciated breaks between the sections. After a while you run out of adrenaline and things, no matter how scary they are - no longer scare you. And they need a few better actors. Other than that it was great and I recommend it as it's a unique experience which makes the most out of the locations unusual features. Plus, who doesn't love rat burgers?!


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