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Farmageddon, Liverpool

Updated: Oct 14, 2017

Fearter rating: 8/10

A good night out with some great scares.

Review (no spoilers)

This review is for the Farmageddon experience of 2016.

Just outside of Liverpool lies a farm. By day this is a children's petting zoo/farm but at night in the Halloween season, it transforms into a smorgasbord of scares . With numerous attractions to go to, Farmageddon is certainly up there with the more intense, well made horror maze experiences and is definitely worth a visit.

Depending on what type of ticket you get, you can access the horror mazes and the zombie paintball experience. The mazes vary from standard to innovative to down right dark. The 3D maze is particularly innovative and included some of the biggest scares for me. Whereas the MeatLocker began in bad taste (I'm not particularly highly strung but the beginning of that attraction needs to be addressed) and ended in a wonderfully dark and appropriately disturbing way.

The zombie paintball element was, unfortunately, a waste of money - and I would recommend saving money and skipping that part. My gun didn't really work, there was about as many zombies to shoot at as there were wheels on the bus and the whole thing just didn't deliver on what you'd imagine it to be.

Overall it's a great night out, which takes a good few hours to get around (mainly for the queues/going the bar but anticipation is half the fun). The staff were great, as were the "monsters" who walk around the farm - just to scare you (or be in your photo).

If all farms were like Farmageddon the world would be a more interesting place.

Price (2017): From £20 per person, or £30 including "Zombie Outlaw". Fearter says worth it (but maybe not the zombie bit based on the 2016 experience).



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